About Us

👋 Hey there! I'm Kane, a California-based programmer 🖥️ with a passion for creativity and all things lovely 💕. In 2022, I began the journey of bringing joy to others through the beautiful world of jewelry and gifting with my store, All Love Here 💍🎁.

🌟❤️ At All Love Here, we truly believe that even the smallest gestures can contain immense amounts of love. 😇

Love 💗 is an extraordinary force that transcends boundaries, uniting people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and beliefs. It's there to support us during life's highs ☀️ and lows ☔. We understand the importance of expressing love and gratitude, which is why our brand is dedicated to helping you convey these heartwarming emotions through our thoughtfully curated gifts. 🎁

💌 Spread the Love with All Love Here! 💌

Our mission at All Love Here is to provide you with unique, top-notch jewelry 💎 and message cards ✍️ that help you create memorable moments full of laughter 😆, happiness 🎉, and often joyful tears 😂. Be it parents showering love on their children, grandparents surprising their grandkids, friends cherishing their connections, spouses indulging each other, or aunts and uncles celebrating their nieces and nephews – our products are perfect for every loving relationship. 💞

We recognize the importance of timely gift-giving 🎁, which is why we manufacture our jewelry in the USA 🇺🇸 and the Netherlands 🇳🇱, ensuring quick and efficient delivery to customers in North America and Europe. What's more, we're proud to offer personalized message cards at no extra cost, allowing you to add a truly personal touch to your presents. 🌟

😊 All Love Here: A Supportive and Compassionate Community 😊

We're a close-knit team of passionate individuals, united by our love for spreading warmth and encouragement. Our ultimate aim is to inspire people to forge deeper connections with their loved ones through simple yet meaningful tokens of affection. Life is short, so let's treasure every moment we have. 💖

Join the "All Love Here" community today and receive 20% off your first order! 🥳 By doing so, you'll not only discover our stunning selection of gifts, but you'll also become a vital part of our mission to spread love, laughter, and joy all around the world. 🌍

💘 Embrace the love and make a lasting impression with All Love Here! 💘

Trade name: All Love Here

Owner: Markiee LLC

Phone number: +1 307 392 4868

Email: support@alllovehere.com

Physical address: Markiee LLC, 1309 Coffeen Ave STE 1200, Sheridan WY 82801, United States

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